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Our vision is to CONNECT this generation with Jesus Christ in a transforming personal relationship and train His followers to GROW TOGETHER in loving, authentic community inspired to SERVE the people of Lodi and the world beyond so that every aspect of life thrives.

What Do We Mean By That?


  • “Our vision” – this is what we see when we look ahead

  • “to connect this generation” – our focus is on the people alive right now, those we have access to

  • “ with Jesus Christ in a transforming personal relationship” – we intentionally invite these people to get to know Jesus and help them understand they will not stay the same; “Come as you are – don’t expect to stay the same”

  • “train His followers” – we see the need to intentionally teach and train for life change

  • “to grow together in loving, authentic community” - that life change is evidenced by how we increasingly love and care for each other in an environment where it is safe to be honest and we encourage and hold each other accountable

  • “inspired to serve the people of Lodi” – people who are full of the Spirit of Christ (inspired) move out on mission starting right where we live, in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, jobs …

  • “and the world beyond” – we don’t stay in Lodi; we are always looking for move of the Spirit to extend the Kingdom into new territory

  • “so that life in every dimension thrives” – we see this vision become reality as followers of Jesus touch the broken places of life (physical, spiritual, emotional, social) and we see things come alive


Jesus is the Center -  God’s incredible and free gift through faith in His only Son, Jesus Christ is abundant life with Him now and eternal life in Heaven. Once we accept Jesus as our personal Savior,
we show our love for Jesus by following His teachings and commands in an effort to become more
like Him every day.  
John 3:16, John 14:6, John 14;15, John 17:3

The Bible is Our Supreme Source of Truth - The Bible is the core of our teaching and is foundational
to all we believe, say, and do. We believe the Bible is God’s divine source of truth.  It points us
to the ultimate communication of who He is in Jesus Christ.   
Hebrews 1:1-3

Loving Community - We commit to love and care for each other because of God’s great love for us. 
We seek God’s way together through prayer, we remain open to correction, bear with each other,
and maintain the unity of the body even when the going gets tough.  
John 13:34-35, Colossians 3:12-15

Sacrificial Generosity - And, we aspire to be even more sacrificially generous investors of the time, abilities, and financial resources entrusted to us because of the incredible gift and sacrifice that was made for us by Jesus on the cross.    
2 Corinthians 9:6-8, Luke 6:38

Vinewood Community Church is part of the US Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches, a family of about 200 diverse congregations that is committed to church multiplication and evangelism, intentional disciple-making and leadership development. To see the MB Confession of Faith (CLICK HERE)