"You are more than a launching pad for that journey [through life]; you are also an ongoing companion, guide, and fellow journeyer."


Dr. Kara E. Powell,  Sticky Faith

PARENTING is one of God's greatest experiences,

complete with years of constant development, nurturing and correction. 

We believe that parenting should be done in community. We are committed to helping you in any way we can & we want to offer you some helpful resources that we have gathered! We want you and your teen to succeed.

About VSM

For Parents

Vinewood Student Ministries is focused on becoming a community dedicated to REACHING students who don't know the love of God, seeing them GROW as disciples of Jesus, & GO out into their lives as the hands and feet of Jesus. Discover your role below!


One event can only have one purpose and everyone has a role to play.

Parents, you are so IMPORTANT in the life of your student. We want to see your student soar when they graduate, but it cannot happen without your involvement. Think of us as a team!

Hover over the below pictures to see how we can partner together during our three types of events.

Help us get as many teen to these events as possible. Fun will be had and the Gospel shared. 
We want to help YOU invest in your student's faith! Each series we go through has an awesome parent component! 
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When students use their God given gifts to serve they stop becoming participants and start becoming leaders & owners of the church.
:: OUR ROLE ::
To build bridges with students as they figure out who Jesus is. We promise to make these events great!
:: OUR ROLE ::
To help students grow their faith and teach them to trust Jesus, not just know about him. 
:: OUR ROLE ::
To guide students in using their gifts and grow their ability to serve for God's Kingdom.
  • First Half of Tuesday Nights
  • FUGE Summer Camp
  • Progressive Dinner
  • Random Crazy Events
  • Second Half of Tuesday Nights
  • Sunday Second Hour
  • Worship Nights
  • Love Lodi
  • Camp Barnabas
  • Service Projects
  • Sunday Greeters

"Every Kid is One Caring Adult Away From Being a Success Story"

- Josh Shipp, JoshShipp.com


We hear all that time that parents need help relating to their kids when it comes to faith and Jesus. Maybe you feel that you need to have your faith "pulled together" before you can be an influence to you teen, or maybe you do not consider yourself a follower of Jesus. Despite this, we want to partner with you in making you the best influence you can be!

Every series we go through has a Parent Component...

Yours is below... Enjoy! 


Its amazing how quickly time flies by. Before you know it, they are grown and out. There is so much you can do with the time you have left. Let Parent Cue help you. 


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